Ermioni Rooms at Vrachos – Loutsa beach

The beach of Vrachos – Loutsa has a length of 6 Km
with fine sand, clear water
with a unique blue-green color
causes and invites all visitors.

It is 30 Km from Preveza and 40 km from Parga.
56 km from the port of Igoumenitsa and 35 km from Aktio Airport.

Popular destination lilt and enough year summer
combine sea holidays with excursions / tours
archaeological, historical and natural beauty destinations.

Its strategic location allows to visit easily
very ancient Nikopolis with the mosaics, the conservatory and the ancient theater of the famous Nekromanteio -the gates of Hades – the history Zalogo
Acheron river, the sources of the sweet and the mouth of the Sandy Ziros the lake, the site of Cassiopeia, the cosmopolitan Parga

Even one can go in the form of one-day excursion
Lefkada, Paxos (departure from Parga), Arta (with the bridge, the Byzantine alone, etc.) to Ioannina (Ancient Dodoni, Zagori, Vikos Gorge, Lake with Island Castle, Perama Cave Museum wax Vrellis etc.), knowing even more nature,
culture and cultural heritage of Epirus.